Securix – A new generation of crypto mining that is easy and efficient

Currently, cryptocurrency mining is still the most desirable and desirable, especially mining Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, to mine cryptocurrency is not an easy matter, it must have a lot of capital to start it especially in terms of tools, electricity, maintenance costs and so on and must have an adequate computer. Not just bitcoin but... Continue Reading →


MODULE – Smart contract technology for honest cryptocurrency mining, and high-speed, low-cost solutions

In the blockchain world, there are many ICO projects. One of them that I will discuss here is named Module. what are a Module and everything about the module I will explain below! MODULE is a blockchain-based platform designed to take advantage of free storage from smartphones, PCs, servers, etc. As an asset. With the... Continue Reading →

Mensarii – Building the first digital Blockchain currency controlled by the community through smart contracts and democratic voting

Currently, the world of crypto is no stranger to the community. Blockchain technology has played its part in all sectors. Blockchain technology has brought in a better direction in the real world. Transparency and decentralization are the hallmarks of the blockchain. Therefore, many companies use blockchain technology in their business. This time in the banking... Continue Reading →

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