IOVO – Global open network database for storing and exchanging information

Data is generally defined as numbers, properties, sources, and also scales. Of course, data types vary greatly depending on the type of research you are doing. It doesn't have to be one type, the more you get, the better it is to support a study. But do you know that data also represents human value,... Continue Reading →


ARROUND – The platform with decentralized AR technology

Augmented-Reality technology has been widely applied in a variety of ways: the common ones such as coverage of weather forecasts on television, Google Glass, education, advertising, entertainment, games and so on. Augmented-reality is a technology that can add virtual objects into real-world projections. That sounds pretty simple. But more than that, Augmented Reality is actually... Continue Reading →

MIN – Time Based Cryptocurrency

MIN is a decentralized protocol and original token that allows professionals to fill fairly and accurately for their time ensuring that levels are consistently applied, preventing clients from being overcharged. The potential use cases for MIN are very broad, covering industries such as translation, language fees, programming, cellular applications, guidance, and marketing. In addition to... Continue Reading →

GOeureka – The hotel booking platform is decentralized and provides better transparency

Current technological developments have become so rapid that many online travel agents utilize a technology system, leaving behind the existing conventional systems. In this case, those who still use conventional systems will be left behind by those who use the latest technology systems. Therefore, the Goeureka platform is present for several businesses that still use... Continue Reading →

ySIGN – A New Way To Communicate

Technology has become more sophisticated, the internet makes us able to be close and connected to each other even though we are in a far place. Now a project called ySiGN will develop a technology to communicate in new ways. ySIGN is an Information Technology company developed with extensive knowledge regarding hardware and software, located... Continue Reading →

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